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| 5th March 2020

Celebrating Reading on World Book Day

This Thursday, along with children in more than 100 different countries around the world, we’re celebrating the 23rd annual World Book Day!

Books are a key part of everyone’s education. However, with the internet becoming an increasingly common learning resource, books risk being marginalised. At Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College, we still recognise the importance of books in helping children to learn, develop, and discover new worlds. World Book Day is an amazing opportunity for us to help our pupils understand what reading has to offer.

This year, we'll be going the extra mile to get our students excited about reading. Later in the month from 23-27 March we're holding an entire World Book Week. Keep an eye out on our school-news page for more updates!

Developing a passion for reading opens up a world of endless possibilities to our children. Every different book is unique and there are books to suit and challenge everyone. Whether a six-year-old wants to know more about their favourite dinosaur or a 15-year-old wants to get lost in a story of adventure, there is always a book that is perfect for them.

Our celebrations promote the underlying message that reading is not only important for learning, but is also a hugely enriching hobby. Helping pupils become lifelong learners is a key value of The White Horse Federation and its schools, and we want our World Book Day celebrations to encourage all our pupils to catch on to the reading bug.

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